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Today, we cover a topic that is the subject of many conversations in real estate. Many homeowners are curious about whether they should get a warranty when buying or selling, so today we’ll provide an answer.

Our advice to clients is that you should absolutely get a home warranty when buying and selling. We recommend people use Home Warranty of America (HWA) to protect their sale or purchase. It’s a 13-month warranty, and for around $315-$405 it covers a ton of items! If you’re a buyer, you can actually put this into the contract and have the seller pay for it on your behalf.

We’ve seen clients save thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary expenses covered by warranties. It covers electrical systems, sump pumps, heat pumps, HVACs, and appliances, among others! You can also have every door in the house re-keyed for only $60! As a seller, you can purchase this product right before you list your home with us, and it’s going to cover you throughout the listing period.

“Our advice to clients is that you should absolutely get a home warranty when buying and selling.”

If your home is on the market for up to 180 days, you are completely covered! You may not have the money to fix something that goes wrong during the listing process, and the warranty will cover it for you! You can then pass it along to the buyer, who will be very appreciative of it because of the extra security.

Again, this great program is available through Home Warranty of America, and we highly recommend it! If you would like a flyer that includes all of the details of the warranty, or if you need real estate assistance of any kind, give us a call or shoot us a quick email. We would love to hear from you!