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A lot of people think that the real estate market freezes up during the winter, but this isn’t quite true. Today I’ll be dispelling some common myths about the real estate market.

1. Nobody looks at homes in the winter. This simply isn’t true. We’ve examined the foot traffic in the past few winters, and it’s actually risen a little bit. We expect even more buyers this winter.

2. Nobody wants to move during the winter. While people probably don’t actually enjoy moving in the winter, they still do it. People are usually moving in the winter because they have to, and this makes them extremely serious and motivated buyers. This is why you can expect a quick and profitable sale during the winter.

If you’ve thought that selling in the winter is a bad idea, then think again! The market might slow, but it also turns in your favor.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’ve been thinking about buying, selling, or investing in our local real estate market!